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How can we help?

How do I make a change to my subscription?
Simply click here and you will be directed to Subsail, which manages our subscriptions for us. If you have any trouble, you can send us an email at Be sure to include your name and address, as well as a second address if you are moving.

Who do I contact to suggest an article idea?
In that case, be sure to email us at Please know that we receive hundreds of such requests each year and simply do not have enough space to get to everyone, but we enter all suggestions into a database for consideration at future editorial meetings.

What's your phone number?
First, we should probably tell you that we're so busy around here that we almost never answer the phone. We'll get back to you much faster if you send an email to But, if you absolutely must call, the main line at the office is (805) 543-8600.

Please direct all other questions to


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