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Dan Melton & Rachael Hill

We tripled our business last year and the only place we advertised was SLO LIFE Magazine. Since we are a small company and get to know all of our customers personally we always get around to asking them how they heard about us and, more often than not, they say they saw us in SLO LIFE.

Edana Hall
Holistic Midwifery Care

A few days after my first ad ran I received a call from a soon-to-be first-time mom who wanted to know more about natural birthing. She told me that she learned about me from my ad in SLO LIFE Magazine. Not only did she become a new patient, but I received several more from the same issue.

Warren Dolezal
San Luis Business Center

We’ve been advertising with SLO LIFE Magazine since they started out three years ago. And, in that time, we have leased out 3 large suites to great tenants and have greatly increased the leases of smaller offices. Many of those inquiries came from your readers.

Todd Davidson
Sage Ecological Nursery

Not only does SLO LIFE play an important role for us in terms of marketing and reaching our desired audience, but I have to say that they also serve and important function in our community. I read it and love it and everyone else I know reads it and loves it, too.

Jamie Magon

We were looking for ways to build our membership as well as increase awareness of our organization locally, so we analyzed our options and decided to run an ad in SLO LIFE Magazine. Right away we got response, including bringing on a new member who has made a big difference for us. We are quite pleased with the results – it works!

Karen Scott
Karen Scott Audiology

When patients come in to see us for the first time they will often mention something about the baby that we run in the ads with SLO LIFE. It’s great to know people are so excited about the magazine and are responding to it in a positive way.

Darik Stollmeyer
Rev Fitness

Everyone I know reads SLO LIFE Magazine. People mention to us all the time that they see our ad. It is the ideal vehicle to reach our audience locally. No other advertising platform works as well for us.

Julia Pickslay

When I decided to advertise with SLO LIFE Magazine, I was hoping to share my brand and get some exposure but I wasn't really expecting real sales. I was shocked to see so much response, which has led to many new clients. My investment has paid for itself many times over and I just started! I'm absolutely thrilled with the results.

Mark Shaffer

It was very helpful when you sat down with me to collaborate on our new ad design. There were some things there that I hadn’t considered and your insight and suggestions made a big difference. Also, I thought you would be interested to know that we have had great results so far. On the day that SLO LIFE was mailed out our website registered more than three times the normal traffic!